How to survive in the Phoenix Desert?

Expatriated in February 2019 in the Arizona desert, I arrived on a rainy day in the middle of February, but it was only a few days a year… How lucky to leave the rain of France to return to the rain in the desert! how ironic you will tell me!

Arizona dry heat

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, is located in the middle of the desert. It’s 334 days out of 365 with good weather and blue skies, that’s a good thing. The climate is arid subtropical. We are witnessing haboob, these are big sandstorms, but also heavy rains for a few minutes then the blue sky returns. It’s pretty cool. During the summer, we can reach 45 or even 50 degrees Celsius! It’s very hot there 

So how do you survive in the desert? 

One solution, stay hydrated. Yes, it may sound silly but in Arizona with heat like this it is very easy to feel dehydrated, and it will already be too late! DO NOT go out without a water bottle, ever, it can be very dangerous. But fortunately in all the parks you will find stations to fill your water bottles. In Arizona, we observe a taste of global warming and Phoenix becomes a city forced to live at night . Because ? The heat. 

However, in Arizona and especially in Phoenix, houses, apartments and stores etc. are equipped with air conditioning, so in the summer we prefer to stay indoors and cool.  

My top 5 activities to do during the summer;

  • The lakes (lake pleasant, saguaro lake, bear canyon lake, bartlett lake…)
  • Relax by the pool 
  • Indoor museum (MIM, science museum…)
  • odyssey aquarium
  • Shopping mall (fashion square..)

Finally, it is important to come mentally prepared to visit Arizona, I do not advise you to come and visit Arizona during the hot months. I strongly recommend that you visit our beautiful state between October and April, but beware of the snake! He loves to go out when it’s not too hot, stay tuned, enjoy your adventure! Besides, I can help you organize your next trip to Arizona, find me on Instagram at Oriane Adventures and in the accompaniment category to discover the formulas! So we say see you soon in Arizona?