How do I capture these moments ?

Ah, you were waiting for this article! Here is a list of my video and photo equipment while traveling.

I started filming my very first videos using the GoPro Hero 4. Suffice to say that I found the GoPro really very useful. I liked the idea of ​​being able to film quickly and without being cluttered. Right now I’ve swapped the GoPro for my new photo and video hardware below but from time to time I use the GoPro heroe 7 for underwater shots or on my bike, perfect for action!

I quickly realized that I felt the need to have more professional equipment to live from my passion and transcribe my travels to my That’s when I started to equip myself with professional video and photo equipment, but still practical when traveling and reasonable to start with!

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Lumix GH5 from Panasonic | Video and photo equipment

Here is an incredible camera with undeniable capabilities in video, possible to shoot in 4K. As for the photos, this camera delights me too. All my photos are taken with the GH5.

camera |  my video and photo material
Florida | Boyton Beach
arizona| Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge

Florida | Everglades

Wakodahatchee Wetlands | Florida
New York| Child |


For more information on GH5, you can click here.


The Mavic Mini is a great opportunity at a low price to start with a drone. Very compact and lightweight, they will follow you everywhere when traveling. If you want to use the Mavic mini in the USA as a hobby it is quite possible because it is within the limits allowed. But if it is for a commercial purpose, you will have to pass the FAA test which will give you a license to have the opportunity to fly in the United States commercially and/or with a heavier drone.

|  drone my video and photo material
For more information on the Mavic mini from DJI it's here.

Here are some examples of photographs taken with the Mavic Mini:

Saguaro Lake

Beatriz & Charlie

Lake Pleasant

For sound:

For my videos, I use the mini microphone from Rode. Compact, you can bring it everywhere with you, perfect for traveling!

microphone |  my video and photo material
To learn more about Rode's microphone, click here. 


To stabilize my videos, I use the Ronin-S most of the time. Incredible stability but as far as weight and size are concerned it is not practical to go with on a trip. So I use it mainly for wedding and real estate videos. The GH5 has a magnificent stabilization even without the stabilizer, convenient for hiking!

|  stabilizer my video and photo material
Need more details? Click here and you will find all the necessary information.

My backpack| For my video and photo material:

The backpack that changed my life. I’m starting to overflow with accessories to help! Organization is crucial and when you go on the roads. it is becoming more and more difficult to have a basic backpack. I can assure you, the number of minutes I wasted looking for all my accessories in my house.

This backpack is perfect when traveling, you can store your video and photo equipment and even some clothes at a very affordable price!

And then.. we’re not going to lie to each other.. the design is not that ugly for the price.

backpack for my video and photo equipment
If you want to buy this backpack it's here. 

Thank you for reading this article! If you have any questions about the material I use, feel free to share it with me in the comments. I will be very happy to answer them.