Sedona, Arizona: The Ultimate Guide to Visiting

Do you know a city located in the heart of large red rocks? I know one, it’s located in Arizona, and it’s called Sedona. Look no further, here is the perfect guide for you to discover this beautiful city.

Sedona is a city of a thousand colors. To get there, take the road towards northern Arizona! You will have to drive around 2h on an amazing road. I have been to Sedona several times. So now is the time to share the best information about this magnificent city. Contemplate a magnificent Sunset, the most beautiful hikes around, the best restaurant? What do you say? Embark with me to discover this magical place.

Vortex sedona arizona

Sedona Vortex

First, let’s get to the spiritual side of Sedona. It is a haven of spiritual well-being, due to the many energy vortices that encompass the area. But what is a vortex you are going to tell me? The Energy Vortex is a strong place of regenerative energy and this energy helps purify the body, mind and soul. It is a quiet place conducive to contemplation. A place of soul healing. I have experienced it, I will tell you about it a little further down.

However, before telling you the best addresses in Sedona, let’s do a bit of geology. This information was entrusted to me by one of the inhabitants of the city, with whom we had a long discussion.

Sedona Geology

The Sedona area was at the bottom of the sea over 330 million years ago. The shells of the sea creatures formed a layer of limestone that underlies the area today, called Redwall limestone because of its color. It’s impressive, isn’t it? Be careful where you step, you might find one of these hidden fossils on your way.

A typical day in Sedona

I’m going to title this paragraph like this, to tell you about a typical day in Sedona. I will share with you the best activities, restaurants and hikes to do on site!

It’s a beautiful day that begins in the pretty town of Sedona, you’ve just woken up and you’re feeling peckish. Head downtown, where the small shops are present

Breakfast in Sedona, Arizona

– Sedona Memories Bakery Cafe
– Canyon Breez restaurant
– HP Coffee

Now that you are satisfied, you want to spend yourself because on this beautiful morning, it is in the middle of nature that we benefit the most.

Here is a list of some essential activities from the Sedona guide to prepare for your day.

A few months ago I listed you my top 10 hikes in Arizona, but today let’s see the best hikes in Sedona, Arizona.

Hikes in Sedona, Arizona:

– Cathedral Rock Hike
– Devil’s Bridge Trail
– West Fork Trail.
– Soldiers Pass Trail
– Boynton Canyon Trail

But beware ! Plan your arrival, Sedona is very close. The car parks are taken by storm very early. Often I advise travelers to favor morning hikes (arrival before 8am).

Visit Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park is a 286-hectare nature preserve and has an environmental education center and incredible scenery. Trails through the park meander through the banks of Oak Creek, between green meadows and streams, vegetation and wildlife await you. If you come in summer, this park is overwhelmed with all the travelers who want to cool off in the water of the stream, so plan an early arrival as well.

Park entrance price: $7 adult / $4 child

Sedona Arizona

Ah, the clock is ticking and you are thinking of having a bite to eat in a restaurant.

Restaurants : 

– Rene at Tlaquepaque
– Hideway house

Visit Tlaquepaque in Sedona Arizona

The visit of the famous town of Tlaquepaque, just before entering Sedona. You will surely be challenged by this atypical little town. Enter this village and live a most original shopping experience. Historically modeled after a traditional Mexican village, Tlaquepaque means “the best of everything”. Besides, if you who read me, like me, like photography, this place has a lot to offer.

Safari Jeep Tour

safari jeep tour Sedona Arizona

Le Safari Jeep Tour The Safari Jeep Tour is surely one of my most beautiful experiences in Sedona, and that is why it has ample place in this guide. There were two of us in the Jeep, my wife and I, plus the guide and driver of the Jeep. An authentic guide, who was able to transport us to the heart of the Arizona vortex, with hilarious instruments. The feeling upon entering the vortex is indescribable. I recommend this activity with your eyes closed, and thank you to this wonderful guide for his knowledge and his sharing.

There is also an organization that offers tours, to be decided according to your budget and the differences they offer: Pink Jeep Tour

The Chapel of holy cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is one of the most beautiful sights in all of Sedona. It is a Roman Catholic chapel that was built on a rock and rises more than 60 meters in height. It highlights a cross that cuts through the center of the chapel and appears to have been wedged into the rock. The sun is setting quickly, where can we admire it?

A sunset in Sedona Arizona

This is the final piece of information in this guide dedicated to Sedona. If you have not had time to admire a sunset during one of your hikes, it is necessarily Mesa Airport. This is where you can admire another place of the vortex. The view from the top is spectacular with a bright orange sunset. Parking at the top costs $3, but if you are lucky you can park in a small parking lot a little lower and walk up to the viewpoint (about 5min walk)

Admire, breathe, appreciate the present moment.

Be careful, this place can be very popular… because the view is incredible.

Sedona airport

Another story.

In Sedona you will find the one and only McDonald’s in the world with a turquoise blue arch. It’s blue because when this McDonald’s was built in 1993, the city claimed that the bright yellow didn’t match the atmosphere of the city, that it clashed with the red rocks around it.

That’s all for me, I hope you enjoyed this Sedona guide, let me know when you pass by, your feelings and your favorite place!