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I am the sole creator and editor of this blog. All the achievements on my blog are only from me as you could read it in the page about me.

I am a content creator, I can offer you:


Self-taught and passionate, I am an ambitious woman, it is quite naturally that I discovered a passion for photography. I am equipped with a Sony camera for high content quality. I also have a drone, which allows me to take aerial photos. I can offer you photographs for any type of content.


I love sharing experiences with others. I have built some really handy guides for travelers and adventurers and love including my favorite brand and locations for everyone to enjoy.


Self-taught, I started video at the age of 17 with my first GoPro, since become inseparable with my Sony A7III and Lumix GH5, I am able to make FullHD videos that transmit emotions. We can work together to create a story that matches your destination.